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What is a Speech Coach and How Can They Help You?

How do you know if you need a speech coach?

If your goals for the next six months to two years involve public speaking, either in person or online, or if self-consciousness, anxiety, or doubt are holding you back, you need a speech coach.

With the shift to online meetings and information gathering, we all need to be ready for video. And if that makes you anxious or you are unable to put your best foot forward, you will have trouble succeeding.  The trend toward video is only going to increase. So, for you to get your message to the world and for you to be heard, your speaking abilities need to match your information and intentions. For at least 95% of people that ability improves with having a speech coach.

The process of learning to speak comfortably in front of an audience is complex. And the topic of public speaking is a broad one. I like to break speech coaching down into four main areas. Usually coaches stick to one or two aspects. If you find one that advertises a complete process, unless they are a team of coaches, you may find that they are a jack of all trades and master of none.

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Anxiety Coach

An anxiety coach helps you manage your fear of speaking and often addresses underlying emotional, psychological, or spiritual issues that may be hindering you from presenting your best self to the world. This was a personal pain point for me and is now a large part of what I do to help others.

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Content Coach

A content coach helps you focus on your writing structure and wordsmith your speech. There are a lot of wonderful content coaches, but this is not something that I focus on.

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Delivery Coach

A delivery coach will help you with speech patterns, eliminating bad habits, accent reduction, breathing, vowel and consonant production, gestures, and general stagecraft. A delivery coach typically has a stage background. This is also something that I do.

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Marketing Coach

A marketing coach will help you create a plan to market your speech or your business. This is a vital component, but not something that I specialize in.So what type of speech coach do you need? Take a deep breath and ask yourself which areas are holding you back. Is it anxiety, content, delivery, or marketing? It may be all of those. If one stands out as a bigger problem, then go with that first. If they all seem equally daunting, I recommend dealing with your anxiety first, then your delivery. Once you can confidently present your material, then you can work on content and marketing.

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